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Reading Notes is a free and open source service for getting the most out of your Kindle Highlights.

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Actually use your highlights

Are you highlighting the best parts of your books? We "power readers" all do it, but mostly we don't really know what to do with them after we put in so much effort in creating a huge collection of highlights.

Reading Notes aim is to put meaning and usefulness into your clippings!

Note: It also works with "documents" and not only "books" in your Kindle library.

Get your highlights directly in your inbox!

After uploading your Kindle highlights, you can configure daily, bi-weekly or weekly mailings containing a selection of your quotes!

This way it's easy to remember key insights of your favorite books!

Personal statistics about your clippings and books

You also think nerdy statistics are Sexy?
Ever wanted to know how many clippings you do per book or which of your books has the most clips?

We've got you covered!

Browser New Tab Page

Get a random quote from your favourite books whenever you open a new tab!

Tip: This can also be used on wall-mounted screens, TVs or anything like that!




  • Support import from more sources eg. Instantpaper or RSS feeds
  • Send random quotes to a Slack channel (soon)
  • Export your clippings in various formats (soon)
  • API for accessing your clippings from other applications (soon)